Profile of Aizawl Bench Station Judge and Officers :

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Michael Zothankhuma - Portfolio & Station JudgeJudge

Born on 23.10.1965.
Did schooling from St. Edmund's School, Shillong.
Obtained B.A. (Hons.) in English from Hindu College under Delhi University.
Completed LL.B from Campus Law Centre under Delhi University.
Designated as Senior Advocate on 06.09.2010.
Elevated as Additional Judge, Gauhati High Court on 07.01.2015.

Hon'ble Mr. Justice M. R. Pathak - Station JudgeJudge
Shri Manash Ranjan Pathak Born on 28th August, 1965 at Guwahati. Completed primary education from Haripriya Vidyapeeth, Kumarpara, Guwahati; middle schooling from M.C.M.E., Uzanbazar, Guwahati, Secondary education from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ambari, Guwahati, passed Higher Secondary from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Khanapara, Guwahati; Graduation in Arts from St. Josephs’ College, Bangalore under Bangalore University and obtained LL.B. Degree from the then Government Law College, Panbazar, Guwahati under Gauhati University .
Enrolled as an Advocate with the Bar Council of Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh on 12.09.1990. Had been practicing mainly on Civil, Constitutional, Land Acquisition and Service matters. Was Standing Counsel of Gauhati High Court and Education Department, Government of Assam till appointment as Additional Judge of Gauhati High Court. Was also Standing Counsel of State of Tripura since 2004 till its bifurcation; Member of the Law Commission, Assam and Member of the Indian Law Institute. Elevated as Additional Judge of the Gauhati High Court on 22nd May 2013.

Thang Lianmang Guite - RegistrarRegistrar
Mr Thang Lianmang Guite, son of Mr Thongkhotuan Guite (L) was born on 3rd November 1974. After graduating with History Honours from St. Anthony’s College, Shillong under North Eastern Hill University in 1995, and a Law Degree from the same University in 2000, he enrolled as an Advocate on 3rd June, 2000 and practiced at the District Courts in Mizoram and Gauhati High Court (Aizawl Bench). He also served as a Lecturer (Part Time) at the Mizoram Law College from 30th March 2001 till 29th January 2010. He was an empanelled Advocate for several number of local and Nationalised Banking Institutions viz., Mizoram Rural Bank since 20th July 2004, State Bank of India since 28th January 2005, Bank of Baroda since 9th July 2008, and Central Bank of India since 26th August 2009 as well as Nationalised Insurance Company viz., New India Assurance Co. Ltd. He was also empanelled as Legal Aid Counsel for Aizawl District on 20th January 2006. After being empanelled by the State Government, he also served as a Defense Pleader (Criminal Cases) for Aizawl District. On 23rd May 2011, he was appointed as a Grade-I Officer in the Mizoram Judicial Service and posted as Additional District & Sessions Judge, Aizawl from 19th August 2011 to 30th April 2013. Thereafter, he served as Member Secretary, Mizoram State Legal Services Authority (MSLSA) from 1st May 2013 till 13th March 2014. He joined as Registrar, Gauhati High Court, Aizawl Bench since 14th March 2014.

Father's Name :Lalthansiama
Permanent Address : Upper Republic - 'A'/12
Aizawl : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : Bachelor of Arts
Date of Birth : 13th September, 1971
Present Assignment : Joint Registrar

Father's Name : Ngunhnawka (L)
Permanent Address : Chawlhhmuna
Aizawl : Mizoram
Mobile: 09862661794
Educational Qualification : Bachelor of Arts.
Date of Birth : 1st February,1961
Present Assignment : Deputy Registrar
Others : 1) Worked as Junior Intelligent Officer under the Central Home Ministry i.e. Intelligent Bureau for 10 yrs

Lalcrossthangi - Asst. Registrar(Admn)Lalcrossthangi
Father's Name : F. Zathianga
Permanent Address : T-65, Venghlui
Aizawl : Mizoram
Mobile: -
Educational Qualification : Bachelor of Commerce.
Date of Birth : 7th September
Present Assignment : Asst. Registrar (Admn)
Others : 1) Worked in NEHU Mizoram Campus during November 1984 to August 1990.

K.Lalchhanhima - Asst. Registrar(Appt & Protocol)Lalcrossthangi
Father's Name : Pasena (L)
Permanent Address : Chawnpui
Aizawl : Mizoram
Mobile: 9774639194
Educational Qualification : Bachelor of Arts.
Present Assignment : Asst. Registrar (Appt & Protocol)

GNP Vala - Asst. Registrar(J)Superintendent (Estd)
Father's Name : Damzatuna (L)
Permanent Address : M-22(Block-E), Chaltlang Venglai
Aizawl : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : Bachelor of Arts.
Date of Birth : 10th April,1963
Present Assignment : Asst. Registrar
Others : 1) Worked as LDC under PWD, Govt. of Mizoram about 8 yrs.
2) As Assistant in the Aizawl Bench of Gauhati High Court since 19.09.1990 to 04.06.2009.

R.Zomawia - Superintendent (Account)Superintendent (Estd)
Father's Name : Hrangluta
Permanent Address : Tuikhuahtlang
Aizawl : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : Bachelor of Arts.
Date of Birth : 17th August,1966
Present Assignment : Superintendent (Account)
Others : 1)Before entering High Court, Aizawl Bench, practices Journalist in Daily newspaper, weekly etc. Some newspaper written as article literally achievement the country.
2) Since 2002- President, All Mizoram Karate Association, General Headquarter, till now.

Lalhmunsiama - System AnalystSystem Analyst
Father's Name : H.J. Ronghinglova
Permanent Address : Chaltlang, Salem Veng
Aizawl : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : 1) B.A
Date of Birth : 21st October, 1982.

Lalhruaitluangi - Stenographer Grade-IPersonal Secretary
Father's Name : B. Vanlalhluta
Permanent Address : Chawlhhmun, House No-C-IV/14
Aizawl : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : Master of Arts.
Present Assignment : Private Secretary to Portfolio Judge, Mizoram
Date of Birth : 16th February, 1984
Others : Worked as Stenographer Grade-III in Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur & Mizoram, Aizawl

Lalhmangaihzuali Chhangte - LibrarianLibrarian
Father's Name : C. Vanlalvena
Permanent Address : Chaltlang, Mual Veng
Aizawl : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : LLb, MLISC
Date of Birth : 5th October, 1975

Kaizamang Thangeo - Court OfficerCourt Officer
Father's Name : Thangzakam Thangeo (L)
Permanent Address : Opp. Flour Mill, IOC Veng, Vairengte
Kolasib Dist. : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : 1) Matriculation, Megahlaya Board.
2) Hindi Matric, Meghalaya Board
3) Armed Forces Graduate Certificate.
Date of Birth : 27th December, 1968
Others : Served in the Indian Navy for 23 yrs as Communication (Telegraphy) and change branch to Naval Police and Regulating. Retired as Master-At-Arms.

Lalchhuana - Adminstative Officer (Appt.)Suptd.
Father's Name : Zaliana (L)
Permanent Address : Chawnpui Vengthlang
Aizawl : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : 1) B.A
Date of Birth : 10th February, 1964

Prakash Gurung - Administrative Officer (Admn.)Suptd.
Father's Name : K.B. Gurung (L)
Permanent Address : Y-85, Govt. Complex
Aizawl : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : 1) B.A
2) Praveen
Date of Birth : 12th November, 1968

Zohmingliani Pachuau - Pvt. SecretaryPvt. Secy.
Father's Name : Lalhmingdanga Pachuau (L)
Permanent Address : I.T.I Veng
Aizawl : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : 1) B.A
2) Stenography
Date of Birth : 04th October, 1970

Zoramengmawia - Systems OfficerPvt. Secy.
Father's Name : Ronghinglova (L)
Permanent Address : House No. DV 'A' 30/A, Dam Veng
Aizawl : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : 1) Bachelor of Engineering (C.S.E)
Date of Birth : 2nd July, 1988

F. Lalsangpuii- Superintendent (Appoinment)Superintendent (Appt)
Father's Name : Hmarthangvunga
Permanent Address : Tuikhuahtlang
Aizawl : Mizoram
Educational Qualification : Bachelor of Arts.
Date of Birth : 26th September,1970
Present Assignment : Superintendent (Appoinment)